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The PX1000 Pillopax
The PX1000 Pillopax desk top air cusion system
offers all the benefits of the PX800 model, plus
improved flexibility with the ability to produce
four pillow sizes.

  • Can be used with 300mm
    wide film on request
  • Faster use machine speed:
    16 metres per minuite
  • For use with four sizes of pillow:
  • PPF100 (100mm x 200mm),
    PPF150 (150mm x 200mm)
  • PPF200 (200mm x 200mm),
    PPF300 (300mm x 200mm)
  • Faster and quieter than the PX800
  • PX1000 dimensions:
    550mm x 420mm x 375mm
    (lenght x width x height)


  • Greenfiller specifications
  • Paper void filler
  • 850wide x 750 deep x 1800 high
  • produces void filling crimped paper pads from 30cm to 10meters long
  • dust free product
  • 70 grm kraft paper
  • 550 wide x 650mtrs long
  • single phase electric
  • lockable casters

Bench top model
  • Low volume user
  • Size;- 250 wide x 940 deep x 400 high
  • Single-phase electric supply
  • Jaw width 310mm
  • Will take cartons up to 8mm thick
  • Maximum running time ONE hour

CP/320 Free standing
  • Medium volume user
  • Maximum running time 5 hours
  • Size;- 600 wide x 670 deep x 1060 high
  • Single-phase electric supply
  • Jaw width 320mm
  • Will take cartons up to 10mm thick (double wall)

CP/428 free standing
  • High volume user
  • Maximum running time non stop
  • Size;- 750 wide x 800 deep x 1100 high
  • Three phase electric supply
  • Jaw width 420mm
  • Will take cartons 10mm plus (triple wall)
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