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Pallet Wrappers UK is committed to supplying all types of wrapping machines and this includes their orbital/spiral range of pallet wrappers from Plasticband in

Pallet Wrappers UK Spiral wrappers (or Orbital wrappers as they are sometimes known) come in two formats. The Neleo range of machines are the semi automatic wrappers and the Atis range are the automatic machines. Both range of spiral wrappers are ideal for wrapping extrusion shaped products. This makes them ideal for the following industries:- timber, plastic extrusion, woodworking, door manufacturers, window manufacturers, stairs manufacturers, metal rods etc.

The spiral stretch wrapping machines are designed to tie together and protect your products from dirt, dust and dampness, keeping the product clean and intact during transportation and storage.

Sprial wrappers are very flexible and can be quickly adjusted to meet the need of any type of product. They can be adopted to different shapes, sizes, lengths and materials.

The Spiral wrappers supplied by Pallet Wrappers UK are both robust and versatile. The wrappers come in various sizes to suit the size of your product. Pallet Wrappers UK can be viewed at various companies around the UK which will give you a first hand experience of the benefits of these machines



Designed to wrap mouldings, aluminium profiles,blinds,shelves and kit furniture.

Designed to wrap furniture, doors, wood panels, cabinets andwindows.

Designed to wrap furniture, doors, panels, wooden
boards, cabinets, windows and bulky products.

Designed to the comfortable wrapping of big and bulkyproducts or packages such as timbers, worktop tables,mattresses, bed frames and large windows

Designed to wrap mouldings, profiles, pipes and blinds in automatic production lines or high productions

Designed to wrap automatically bulky products in furniture, metal and industry sectors.

Designed to wrap bulky products in furniture, metal and
industry sectors. Besides to reduce packaging time,costs and to improve products presentation.

Extra protection and total closing of furniture, doors, timber boards in automatic lines or high productions

Protection of frames, windows without glass, rolls of hose, rolls of wire, rings and wheels

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